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JULY 6, 2021

Gerald was doing awesome until he was given an incorrect vaccine in early fall this year. The wrong vaccine put his body into Antibody Medation Rejection. Now he is down to 20% lung function. He and I (Mom-Lynn McQueen) leave for Duke University Hospital in hopes that they will consider him for retransplant.

Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers.

Angela Collier is organizing this fundraiser on behalf of LYNN MCQUEEN.

Lynn Klecka Mcqueen and her son, Gerald, are traveling to Durham, NC for his 2nd full lung transplant.  Surgery is an emergency as Gerald's lungs are failing due to antibody mediation rejection of the lungs transplanted when he was 17, 8 years ago.  An incorrect vaccination he received in October of 2020 caused his lungs to go into rejection.  Lynn will take FMLA and be without income for their living situation while in Durham for surgery and recovery.  She is a retired teacher from Huntsville City Schools and is currently employed at Holy Spirit Catholic Regional School on Huntsville, AL..  Her husband, employed by State of Alabama's DHR, will maintain family home in Huntsville so he will remain here.  

Funding is needed for daily living expenses to cover their needs:  shelter, food, travel, gas and other basics of daily living.

Your financial support is greatly appreciated.  Insurance will cover surgery, however, there is significant need for both Gerald and his mom to remain in Durham neat Duke University.

This a medically emergency as Gerald requires a transplant this summer. Thank you in advance.  God Bless you call.


JULY 23, 2021

The need for financial support continues as Gerald awaits a "J" tube for feeding to increase his weight. Lynn and Gerald will return to Duke University soon for preparations by the transplant team. Pray for his family as both Lynn and Gerald will need to relocate as time nears. your financial support, no matter how small, is so greatly appreciated.


OCTOBER 21, 2021

So Gerald's story continues..... We drove up to Durham yesterday. The trip up was an adventure in itself as my car decided to catch on fire, (thinking electrical). So had to get a rental and leave my car out in the middle of no where it seems. So we get to Durham our hotel is fantastic! Only a block away from the hospital. Then today after all of Gerald's appointments the pulmonary doctor and the transplant surgeon have decided to admit Gerald because his CO2 is out the extremely high. Plan is to do a bipap and some other meds. Fatten him up and get him on a better plan for transplant. This should take a week maybe two. If this begins to work we will come home until he is heavier and stronger.

Gerald seems to really like the doctors here and the staff. Prayers for the plan to work in his favor.



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Donations can be made straight to Geralds Second Breath Foundation at Redstone Federal Credit Union, in Gerald McQueen Jr.’'s  name.  (be sure to include Jr.)


The address is:

Redstone Federal Credit Union

220 Wynn Dr. 

Huntsville, Al. 35893




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