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Gerald's Story

Gerald McQueen, Jr. came in to this world like any other baby and appeared to be perfect in every way. It soon became apparent that something was not right, Gerald had trouble feeding and would not grow. The doctors termed him failure to thrive, but couldn't give his parents a reason why. After a year long struggle to finally have an answer, the family was dealt a harsh reality. During Gerald  first birthday party the call came in, Gerald had Cystic Fibrosis. Cystic Fibrosis is a fatal genetic diseases that effects the lungs and digestive system. Since that day the McQueen's lives have never been the same. Over the past 16 years Gerald has spent weeks upon weeks in hospitals and endured countless procedures including 24 surgeries. No adult should ever have to under go this type of lifestyle, no less a child. Yet, through all this he maintains a positive disposition.










The time has come that Gerald must have a double lung transplant in-order to extend his life.  The family has met with many specialist and spent hours in discussion on the best direction for Gerald.  The decision has been made that Gerald will be relocated to St. Louis Children’s hospital the last week of May.  Once there Gerald will be activated on the National Lung Transplant list to await a donor.  Although, the transplant will in no way “fix” all of Gerald’s problems, it will extend his life!


    Our goal is to raise money that will go towards Gerald's medical expenses. All proceeds will be used towards the medical challenges that will be faced during Gerald's journey. In a 2007 study the average cost of a double lung transplant, was about $550,000. In addition to the initial cost of a lung transplant surgery, there is also the annual cost for follow-up care and prescription medications. Gerald will be required to take an immunosuppressive drug every 12 hours for the rest of his life to keep the body form rejecting the donor lungs, this alone can cost up to $30,000 per year. The family will also incur the cost of approximately $65,000 for follow-up doctor's visits and test that ensure that Gerald's lungs are working correctly. The McQueen's will also have to secure dual residences in AL and MO, during the 6-10 months of Gerald's transplant procedure and recovery. Along with this the cost of airline tickets, food, child care for Hope (Gerald's little sister). While both of his parents have to take unpaid leave from their teaching jobs


    With all of this in mind the McQueen family will max out their insurance, use all of their savings  and most likely lose their house to pay for Gerald's needs. They are prepared to make this trade for their sons life, but they need your help.







Donations can be made straight to Geralds Second Breath Foundation at Redstone Federal Credit Union, in Gerald McQueen Jr.’'s  name.  (be sure to include Jr.)


The address is:

Redstone Federal Credit Union

220 Wynn Dr. 

Huntsville, Al. 35893




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